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Quick Verdict – Mad Max goes tame

mad max beyond thunderdome

Mad Max has lost his wife, lost his child, lost his job, lost his dog and then lost his car. He seems to be having a bad time of it. Well I can’t see things improving anytime soon. Mad Max beyond Thunderdome sees our hero of sorts stumble upon Bartertown, a place for trading and run on shit (pig shit). He’s in search of his stolen property, but it isn’t long before his skills for getting in to trouble do him just that.

Re-watching this the other day, it started off okay. Forty to fifty minutes in I just couldn’t remember why it got the stick it did. I’m really enjoying this…. oh wait I remember. It was when Max went to Neverland! I must have blanked all of that part from my memory. Sitting through it again I can tell why. This film seems to suffer from trying to please the mass audience. Unable to gamble with the despair of its predecessors, Beyond Thunderdome brings in a gang of children (presumably from Neverland) with prophecies of a saviour and a magical city. Not only that, they drag Max in to all this bollocks.

Beyond Thunderdome tries to redeem itself with the now obligatory final chase, but even this isn’t on par with any of the prior films. Also, where did that bloody train track suddenly come from? Tina Turner does give the film some nice tunes for us to sing along to, but doesn’t really dazzle us with her acting. A film that promised so much, but sadly left the Mad Max franchise out in the desert for thirty years.

Now where is that Fury Road?

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