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Quick Verdict – Bond at his best

So Bond finished his last mission floating in the middle of the ocean with Honey Ryder. Where do we meet him in From Russia with Love? In the back of a boat with Sylvia, to-date the only returning Bond Girl character. (Excluding Moneypenny of course)

Yes Bond is back and he’s playing games with SPECTRE. Finding bait left by the aformentioned is too much for Bond as he goes off to Istanbul to retrieve a Soviet decoding machine. We are treated to the wonderful delights of Turkey, before taking a long journey through Eastern Europe on the Orient Express.

Now, no matter what I say in future Bond film reviews. This is my favourite.  It has everything and in the right measures. Robert Shaw is truly amazing as villan Grant, Lotte Lenya is a woman you wouldn’t mess with as Rosa Klebb. Please watch her footwear it can be lethal, and Pedro Armendariz is a great addition as Bonds contact and ally Kerim Bay. Daniela Bianchi may be 73 years old now, but back in 1963 she was hot. A beautiful Bond girl tops off a perfect Bond film.

The music this time round comes from Matt Monro, whose career was taking off big time. Matt would later add his unique sound to The Italian Job. This however is where the James Bond title theme song really kicks off, leading the way for the great tradition and highly sort after honour. From Russia with Love is a great song and is at home in the surroundings of this great film.

Bond was now making a name for himself. 2 films in 2 years. How could they top that?

  • Best Gadget – The briefcase. That was jam pack full of gadgets
  • Quote – ‘Red wine with fish. Well that should have told me something.’
  • Favourite Moment – The fight between Bond and Grant on the Orient Express. Flickering lights, gritty fighting to the death. Brilliant!

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