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Quick Verdict – Better than The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Okay so the quick verdict isn’t really selling it massively. I do however promise no swinging Shia LaBeouf. This my friends is a film I spotted on Netflix, and seeing as I had been asked to review films that people might not necessarily pick. Here I go.

This stars big action stars Chuck Norris, Louis Gossett Jr. and John Rhys-Davies. Chuck and Louis play unlucky treasure hunters Max and Leo, and they’re on an adventure to track down a hoard of gold. Using my trusty adventure checklist, lets see if they have the proven formula.

  1. Treasure map
  2. Damsel in distress
  3. Ancient civilisation
  4. Witty camaraderie
  5. Ability to escape from impossible situations
  6. Does the guy get the girlI can’t ruin the surprise. 

So we have the formula in place. I was hoping, so badly, that this was going to be some hidden gem i had stumbled upon, and I would shout from the rooftops ‘watch Firewalker.’ Unfortunately, the reality is slightly disappointing. It’s not terrible, it just isn’t put together very well, it’s clunky and the film just seems to jump from place to place with no real fluidity. I know I’m sounding picky, but with a decent edit and a bit of extra work on script and plot, people might be saying ‘I wonder where the Firewalker franchise will take us next.’

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