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Quick Verdict – How to be Silent Bob’s housemate


This is one of those films I didn’t plan to watch, it just came on after something. (That something being Vertical Limit) Starring Jennifer Garner, Timothy Olyphant, Kevin Smith, Fiona Shaw and Juliette Lewis, we have some big names to contend with. Although released back in 2006 probably the least known at that point would be our man Tim, most famous then for Scream 2 and Go. Anyway, Catch and Release is a rom-com and not really a genre that I have delved into that much over my first 12 months, so here it goes.

The plot – Gray (Garner) is mourning the loss of her fiancé, a man we never see. When his close friend Fritz (Olyphant) arrives at the funeral and stays on, Gray starts to find out that the man she loved had some pretty big secrets.

Okay so plot out of the way. It’s quite easy to spot early on where this film is going. The relationship grows between Gray and Fritz, but is this wrong? It’s her ex-fiancé’s best friend. This being the main story, we are given some more light relief in the form of Gray’s house mate Sam, (Smith) and a big skeleton in the closet with Maureen (Lewis) and son.

So it was never going to win any awards, but this is a rom-com that does what it sets out to do, entertain. An enjoyable film, that doesn’t take itself too seriously and hits the right notes.

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