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Quick Verdict – 2027 is a tough year

children of men

If the real world is anything like the world of Children of Men in 2027, then the world has definitely gone to shit. I think I said the word world too many times in that sentence. Never mind.

2027, the human race is infertile. The youngest human alive has been killed and there is no hope for a future. Resigned to this fate, ex political activist Theo Faron (Clive Owen) pisses away his days with booze, fags and Strawberry Cough weed. When his ex-partner Julian (Julianne Moore) shows up with a pregnant woman, it’s up to him to get her to the human project and to safety from crazed idealists bent on using her for their own agenda.

This is a film that hooks you straight away and keeps you glued throughout. With some brilliant performances, Alfonso Cuarón creates a real despair and a bleak future. His camera work is brilliant and the single shot scene in the building toward the end with all the fighting going on is simply mind-blowing.

It took me 9 years to finally sit down and watch this film. Well, better late than never. ‘Pull my finger.’

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