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Quick Verdict – Life after Zom-Rom-Com

life after beth

I first found out about this film after watching Safety not Guaranteed and looking up Aubrey Plaza on IMDB. Aubrey is probably best known in America for Parks and Recreation, but in the UK she is probably lesser known, but one to watch out for.

With so many Zombie films out there, it has lots to live up to, to be compared with and it has to stand out from the crowd. Life after Beth does a good job of this. Beth is bitten by a snake whilst on a hike and dies. Buried and dead in the ground, boyfriend Zach tries but fails to get on with his life. When Beth’s parents start acting strange and won’t let Zach in, he breaks in and finds a very alive Beth. Back from the dead, Beth’s body starts to deteriorate, she starts to crave flesh and have super human strength. Could Beth be a zombie?

It’s a film with a strange sense of humour, but one I seemed to get on with fine. Zach’s brother Kyle is brilliant. The bit in his bedroom had me in stitches. The kissing and cuddling between Beth and Zach got a bit uncomfortable, but this was done deliberately and I’ve just realised this sentence makes me sound like a grumpy old fart. Anyway, funny film, quirky film and in places, a surreal film.

Look at that, I managed to review a comedy zombie film without mentioning Shaun of the Dead………… Oh shit!

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