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Quick Verdict – The Batman trials


Now I really liked Argo, don’t get me wrong. But is it really a Best Picture film? Good way to start a review I know, but it has to be asked. It is a really good film, it has suspense, a stellar cast, some great individual performances, but in my opinion it seemed like it was only made for Oscar season and tried too hard to fit in.

Oscars aside it is a great story. An American Embassy in Iran is stormed and hostages are taken. Six employees escape and hide out in the Canadian Embassy. Knowing that they will be hunted down when the hostage takers realise, the CIA come up with a plan to get them out. Create a fake sci-fi movie that they want to shoot in Iran and make the missing hostages be the crew. Based on a true story it is remarkable that this really happened. Like all films based on true events, there are some liberties taken and the suspense was built up, but that’s be honest. It made for a better film.

Now by far, the best performance in this film is the great Alan Arkin. Brilliant at what he does, he just commands the screen and you can’t help but listen and believe every word he says. Ben Affleck has done a fine job with this film, his beard is impressive and I am sure he is proud of it. It was certainly a contender for best picture, but for me, it just fell short.

Also, did anyone else from Britain find themselves saying ‘Argo by Toyota, sponsors T4.’ No. Just me. Argo fuck yourself.

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