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Quick Verdict – Dr. Yes

Dr. No

Fifty-two years ago (1962) something magical happened. The world was introduced to James Bond.

Dr. No starts the James Bond legacy with a trip to Jamaica, on the trail of a missing colleague. This first outing gives us a hard James Bond, not afraid to make tough decisions, who gets stuck in and knows the world of espionage like the back of his hand. We are introduced to great allies M, Miss Moneypenny, Major Boothroyd (Q), Quarrel, bond girl Honey Ryder and what will be Bonds closest friend, Felix Leiter. This time played by Jack Lord.

In later Bond reviews I will talk a bit more about each iconic theme tune, but what better way to introduce Bond than with the real Bond theme. Created by Monty Norman, performed by John Barry, this is a classic piece of music known worldwide. It’s so well known, after a few beats, most people will know what they are listening to. This theme is littered throughout all James Bond films and no doubt any Bond film that follows.

Bond kills in cold blood, fights a spider, gets chased by a hearse, is shot at, swims with Ursula Andress, avoids being burnt by a dragon, blows up the villans lair, and of course, saves the day. My only complaint is that I could have done with more screen time from the great Joseph Wiseman, our title character. It also bugs me that Bond lets the rope go at the end of the film, leaving him and Honey stranded in their boat. What happened next? Did Felix have to turn round and pick them up again? Or did he just leave him to make his own way back. Who knows?

All in all though, a good solid performance. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • Best Gadget – Has to be the Walter PPK.
  • Quote – ‘I admire your luck, Mr…..?’ ‘Bond, James Bond.’
  • Favourite Moment – We get a glimpse into how ruthless Bond can be when he confronts Professor Dent. ‘That’s a Smith & Wesson, and you’ve had your six.’ Bang, bang, Dent’s dead.

Watch this is you like –

  • James Bond
  • Ian Fleming
  • Spy Movies