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Quick Verdict – How not to get a promotion


James McAvoy is a nice guy right? He wouldn’t hurt a fly, he’s so sweet. Will think again. In Filth, he’s a right fucker. McAvoy plays corrupt cop Sgt Bruce Robertson in Glasgow. He’s pushing for promotion and a local murder hands him a perfect opportunity to get the upper hand on his colleagues.

Now I’d heard a lot about one thing in this film before I watched it. ‘Oh my god, it’s horrible,’ ‘it’s got some really sick bits in it.’ ‘I was shocked,’ I don’t know what I was expecting or weather my mind is so warped that nothing can shock me, but I didn’t think it was that bad. It certainly challenged the limits of the BBFC. It has drugs, masturbation, drugs, sex, drugs, murder, drugs, violence, drugs, police corruption, drugs, alcohol, drugs, hallucinations, drugs, affairs, drugs and prank phone calls. Also underneath all the stand out garish acts in this movie is a heart breaking story of a man losing his mind, his wife and his grip on reality.

McAvoy is amazing, for as much of a bastard he is, you can’t help but like him. But that’s not forget the other actors in this film. Jamie Bell is a young cop with a ‘small issue’ that McAvoy exploits at any opportunity. Jim Broadbent is great as usual, Imogen Poots stands her ground against McAvoy and is probably the only balanced individual in the film. The stand out performances (other than McAvoy) come from Eddie Marsen and Shirley Henderson as troubled married couple Bladesey and Bunty. They were brilliant.

If you are easily shocked or have no time for weird films, then give this a miss. If not you’ll probably love the great fucked up ride that is Filth, and like me, be swept away so much you won’t see all the twists and turns coming.

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