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Quick verdict – Scarlett the hunter


So Under the Skin stars Scarlett Johansson as a mysterious young woman who drives around Glasgow picking up unsuspecting men and taking them back to a house where they disappear into a black abyss.

Looking through peoples reviews on IMDb, I have found that this is a Marmite kind of film. You’ll get it and love it, or you’ll spend 104 minutes looking at your watch wondering when it’s all going to end. With this in mind, I’ve decided to split this review into 3 sections to please the masses. We have the review for people who love the weird, arty, slow burner of a film, the review for people who counted how many times they readjusted there position whilst watching it and the review for the people who are madly in love with Scarlett Johansson.

Firstly the, I love this film review. (Also how I feel about the film)

I’ll get this out the way. Yes it has major Stanley Kubrick elements in it. A true homage in many cases. The style is amazing and a real pleasure to watch. Jonathan Glazer works the camera really well, and I spent the first twenty minutes of the film being amazed by the unique style he used. Rigging up hidden cameras, he actually got Scarlett to drive around Glasgow and entice members of the public into her van. They’d have a chat, and then afterward they be told that they were in fact part of a film. It was utterly brilliant. The scene near the beginning where she walks through the shopping centre with hidden cameras is amazing. You’d be so happy if you watched this film and found yourself being one of the people who just walked by her without noticing it was Scarlett Johansson. I don’t live in Glasgow, so unfortunately it never happened to me.

When my excitement over the style of filming died down, I found myself immersed in the film. The lack of dialogue and the slow pace of the film only added to the tension and my enjoyment. This film shows us the world from an outsider’s perspective and teaches us a valuable lesson. Never get into a van with a hot woman who looks like Scarlett Johansson.

***SPOILERS*** Only read on if you’ve seen the film, or don’t care if I ruin it.

Second review. If you were expecting a lot more action.

From people’s reviews on IMDb, I found that a lot of people were expecting a different film from what they got. There is little to none action, Scarlett says barely forty words throughout the whole film and we are left with no resolution. The film asks so many questions and answers none. Who were the people on the bikes? Where exactly is Scarlett from? Are people dumb enough to get into a van with a stranger in the middle of the night? What the fuck was that black stuff? What actually happened to the men in the black stuff? Finally, what on earth is going on?

If you go into this film expecting a thriller or an action film, you’ll be disappointed. Also, if your favourite film is Transformers 4, you won’t like it. This film is an acquired taste and not for everyone.

Third Review. If you love Scarlett Johansson.

5 minutes – Scarlett naked.

15 minutes – Scarlett in her underwear enticing a man.

23 minutes – Scarlett in her underwear again, enticing a man.

45 minutes – Scarlett takes her underwear off to entice a man.

85 minutes – Scarlett naked again.

90 minutes – Scarlett can’t have sex.

100 minutes – Scarlett loses her skin.

(Unfortunately times are not completely accurate)


I do really love this film. It is a slow burner and if you can get on board with that, you’ll really enjoy it.

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