⭐⭐⭐⭐ Stars (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Stars for 12 year old me)

Quick Verdict – Arnie saves the world


I got True Lies on video from the Blockbuster Video Store in Plymouth back in 1995 whilst on holiday. I paid £18.49 for it out of my paper round money that I’d saved up. I think I’d seen trailers for this from other films that had come out on video recently and I’d started reading film magazines at this point so was on anticipation overload. The biggest problem I had was, we were on a two week holiday and the caravan didn’t have a VCR. WHAT A NIGHTMARE! I’d unwrapped it and read every word cover to cover, I was like Charlie Bucket and his bar of chocolate, I wouldn’t let it go. That holiday seemed like an eternity.

Finally back home, I was ready to watch Arnie in his latest action flick. I was twelve years old, but had already watched Predator, Terminator 1 & 2, Commando, Total Recall, Kindergarten Cop, Last Action Hero and The Running Man. So it’s safe to say I was a fan. On it went.

Well 241 minutes later, I could have happily stuck it on again. For a twelve year old this had everything. Action, excitement, the woman from Wayne’s World 1 & 2, Jamie Lee Curtis in her underwear, explosions, witty one liners and most importantly, Bill Paxton. As action movies go, it is near perfect. James Cameroon can sure make a movie. I’m not including Avatar in that comment.

The plot, Harry Tasker (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a CIA secret agent on the hunt of some terrorists. On top of this he has to keep his job secret from his daughter, Dana (Eliza Dushka) and his wife, Helen (Jamie Lee Curtis) who is possibly having an affair with Simon. (Bill Paxton)

The film can be accused of adding the whole affair sequence just to bulk it out. The twelve year old me didn’t care and I’m not that bothered twenty years on. Back in 1995, I gave this film top marks and I absolutely loved it. I caught the first half of this the other day on TV and I still love it. I can recite most of it and back in 1995 I bought an Air fix Harrier Jump jet because of this film. Like most Air fix models, I didn’t complete it.

‘Fear is not an option.’

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