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Quick Verdict – Die Hard at the Football


‘I appear to have dropped my cigarette. May I have another? I’m going to need a light, but if you touch me again. I’ll kill you.’

From the rain soaked Football pitch opening, we a treated to a 90’s action flick that ticks all the boxes. We have grounded action, a great buddy pairing, corruption, a truly sinister henchman, guns, cars and enough witty lines to fill a dead squirrel.

Joe Hallenbeck (Bruce Willis) is a down and out Private Detective who is hired to protect exotic dancer Cory, played by Halle Berry in an early role for her. When she is gunned down in the street, it’s up to Joe and new friend Jimmy Dix (Damon Wayans) to find the killer and solve the crime. The movie runs at speed and the plot deepens to include dodgy American Football owners and corrupt Senators. And as Damon Wayans points out ‘I figure you gotta be the dumbest guy in the world Joe. You’re trying to save the life of the man who ruined your career, and avenge the death of the guy who fucked your wife.’ What a plot!

This is a great action film, and this may be a bit controversial, but Joe Hallenbeck might be harder than John McClane. Certainly Die Hard 4 & 5 McClane. Yes, I know that without Die Hard we wouldn’t have this film, but they definitely got things right and it is miles ahead of some of the crap action films that came out in the 90’s. I lost count of the number of witty one-liners he pulls out, but it doesn’t get annoying. The car chases are inventive and realistic (to a point), the slow-motion shoot outs are enjoyable and it’s nice to watch an action film that doesn’t need to be swamped with CGI to be stylish.

A master class in action movies that unfortunately has just simmered under the radar for a lot of people. If you want a Friday night action movie, grab your popcorn, sit down and prepare to be entertained for an hour and forty one minutes. Friday nights a great night for football.

Yippee-ki-yay mother…….. sorry wrong movie.

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