Films I like that others don’t.

So it cost a lot of money and the critics didn’t like it (oh crap by writing this I realise I too have now become a critic, dammit I hate those guys). I try not to view all films through the same eyes or even intellect. John Carter doesn’t have to match or even get close to things like Lord of the Rings or Little Miss Sunshine. I’m not saying it’s on par with classics like Willow, Indiana Jones or any of the three original Star Wars, but I bloody enjoyed it!

The dirty great hole that George Lucas carved through my inner child with his disgraceful ‘other’ Star Wars trilogy, was more than repaired by John Carter. It’s a simple space adventure about an ordinary man becoming extraordinary. Yes of course there’s a lot of CGI but it looks okay and isn’t used in every single scene, not to mention some real imagination has gone into the creatures they have created. There are plenty of weird aliens and they would all kick the shit out of Jar Jar Binks. The dialogue is a little clunky and I’ll admit Taylor Kitsch is no Harrison Ford but then again neither was Mark Hamill! The overall action and adventure dished up is great. If I were eight years old watching this film I’d be jumping from armchair to sofa and back again, slaying four armed green things and Mediterranean looking guys with blue blood. Go on let the kid out and give it a go.

Guest contributor – Ric Johnson