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Quick Verdict – Say hello to the best Die Hard sequel


I still wasn’t quite old enough when I saw Die Hard with a Vengeance. At 13 years old, my brother brought an illegal copy of it on video, from a market. Thankfully not the one where that bloke brought a dodgy copy of Trainspotting. ‘Probably no trains in it either. I suppose that’s my fault too.’ I will never buy an illegal copy myself, but I was very keen to see John McClane’s next outing.

Anyway, Die Hard with a Vengeance. It starts with a bang and doesn’t let up. A department store in New York is blown up, and a guy called Simon is claiming responsibility. He’s pissed at John McClane and proceeds to get him to play his game of Simon Says. It later turns out that this is just a means to break into the Federal Reserve and steal thirteen truckloads of gold, and that Simon is in-fact, Simon Gruber, Hans Gruber’s brother. So killing John is definitely part of the plan along the way.

This is a great film. As with all Die Hard films though, it will get compared to the original, and it isn’t as good. They never will be, but to-date, this is the closest they’ve got. The action is great, the chasing around Manhattan keeps the pace going, the plot is intelligent and giving McClane a partner, of-sorts, actually works in this film.

McClane is down and out in this film, like the second one it goes in a different direction and is also on an even bigger scale. One thing is for sure, when John McClane puts his mind to killing terrorists, they better beware. Yippee-ki-yay motherfucker.

‘Said simple Simon to the Pie Man, going to the fair. Give me your pies. Or I cave your head in.’ I don’t think all of Simon’s issues are just with McClane.

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