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Quick Verdict – Star Trek into Action

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J.J. Abrams is back at it, and this time he’s going all out. Star Trek is back for the 2nd/12th outing in, Star Trek into Darkness.

Set a year after the events of Star Trek (2009), we catch up with the crew of the Starship Enterprise in the mouth of a volcano on a planet that hasn’t evolved enough yet to be introduced to the outside world. Now although it’s all very exciting, I can’t help thinking that they stuck this bit in to show that they hadn’t forgot that the original premise of Star Trek was exploration. Because that’s all the exploration you’re going to get.

Next we’re off to Earth, where a bomb has gone off in London, and a mad ex-employee of Starfleet, John Harrison, has gone on a revenge rampage. The Enterprise are then sent after him, torpedoes fully loaded.

Now, the film has a lot of pluses. The action is great, some of the characters are tested to their limits and it has some big winks back to the older Star Trek movies. But, you can see that they also went a bit too far.

*** SPOILERS *** Only read on if you’ve seen the film, or don’t care if I ruin it.

I think most people, like me, were hoping for an original story. So after 10 minutes in, I’d realised that Benedict Cumberbatch is in fact Khan, I was a little disappointed. This was okay though, new timeline, things were going to take a new direction. Well they kind of do, then we have the whole Wrath of Khan reversal and Zacahary’s great KKKKHHHAAANNN! Then for a brief second I thought that they might actually kill Kirk off. Then common sense kicked in and I realised that Hollywood would never be that brave.

My other disappointment, was it basically was a Kirk and Spock show. The others didn’t really get much development. John Cho being the exception. His stint in the Captain’s chair was great. McCoy being the most underused, he stuck his arm in a bomb and cured a Tribble. Benedict gives the best performance by far. Who knew Sherlock could kick the crap out of so many Klingons.

Now you might wonder, with all my complaints, why have you given it 4 stars? Well, because if I take away the fact that I’m a bit of a Star Trek geek, this is a great stand-alone film. J.J. has done it again, he’s made the Star Trek universe accessible to the masses. This is a great repeat viewing film. For days after watching it, I’m still humming the theme tune. It’s fast paced, it’s witty, a main character snuffs it, there’s mass destruction, the Enterprise gets shot to shit and you still want more.

Hey, did anyone else see that woman strip down to her underwear?

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