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Quick Verdict – Stallone does football (soccer)

escape to victory

I found myself really enjoying the British summertime yesterday. I came home from work intending to go out, but then noticed that Escape to Victory was just about to start on More4. Well what could I do?

Allied POWs are pitted against the German national football team during World War 2, and plan to escape during the match. It’s a perfect Saturday afternoon film. With Michael Caine, Sylvester Stallone and Max von Sydrow as the movie stars you know you’ll get an enjoyable film. Add to that, the football legends Bobby Moore, Osvaldo Ardiles and Pele and you really got something.

It’s an enjoyable watch and it’s great to see Pele doing his thing on the field, but if this film tells us one thing. It’s that Sylvester Stallone cannot play football.

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